About Us

About C. Goodman Carpentry

We start every job by getting to know our customers through an introductory meeting to find out exactly what you’re looking for. We pride ourselves on being a local company that is highly experienced in many different aspects of home renovation. We work closely with a group of other local professionals to ensure that your job is done well. We make it a priority to finish jobs on time and on budget. We value our customers and to show our appreciation, we do all we can to maintain as much cleanliness and order in your home as possible throughout the renovation. Entrusting your home to someone else can be daunting, which is why C. Goodman Carpentry has worked hard to establish a reputation of integrity and trust among its customers, so that you know when you call us, you’re in good hands.

About Chris Goodman

Chris is an experienced contractor with a real passion for the trades. He has an associate’s degree in Construction Technology from Williamson College of the Trades. When he was young, he spent several years working for a general contractor learning the basics of a variety of skills. He went on to work for a skilled carpenter, perfecting his craftsmanship before finally branching out on his own and starting this company. 

 His varied experiences qualify him to work on many different types of projects. He values hard work and integrity, which are traits that he not only embodies himself, but he also requires from everyone who works on his jobs.  “I have learned by working my way up on the job and in the classroom that paying attention to every detail is critical, and I must always leave a home better and cleaner than it was when I started.”